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NOA AcousticBoard - Innovalite Inc
NOA Copier (OTUS) Signe
NOA Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 1 Felix Angelo Bautista
NOA Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 1 Wilfley Div
NOA Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 2 Makalintal Div
NOA Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 2 Wilfley Div
NOA Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 3 Arturo A. Alafriz Div
NOA Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 4 Planning Div
NOA Janitorial (DearJohn) Signe
NOA Lot1 SSD (Lenovo) Advance Microsystems
NOA Lot2 SSD (MacBook) Advance Microsystems
NOA Luminaire - Innovalite Inc
NOA MARCO_Procurement of 14 Airconditioning Units-4
NOA PO 021-02-025 NATURA
NOA Security (Hackett) Signe
NOA Toner (Delsan) Signe
NOA VMWare2021 (BAC Reso#2021-10-010) Advance Microsystems Cor
PO 021-01-001 Eastern Gold Corporation_CD
PO 021-01-002 Manuel Stationery_Document File Box-
PO 021-01-003 JJJ Newspape & Magazines signed P.O
PO 021-01-004 National Printing Office_Official Gazette Signed PO
PO 021-01-006 ZC KIngs Asia Pacific Water Signed PO
PO 021-01-007 Philippine British Assurance Company Inc. (HMO) 2-
PO 021-01-008 Otus Copy Systems_Photocopying-pages-3
PO 021-01-009 Delsan Office Systems Corp._Toners with free use of new Printers
PO 021-01-010 DearJohn Services Inc (NEP2021)-
PO 021-02-015 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_SJR 781
PO 021-02-016 Auto-Phil Marketing Corporation_Yokohama
PO 021-02-017 CD Technologies Asia, Inc._Lexis Nexis (1)
PO 021-02-017 CD Technologies Asia, Inc._Lexis Nexis - Notice of Award
PO 021-02-018 Goldenrey Marketing_Various Magazine
PO 021-02-019 LBC Express Inc_Courier Services CY 2021
PO 021-02-020 Advance Microsystems Corporation_Sonicwall Firewall
PO 021-02-021 Jardine Schindler_Renewal of Elevator
PO 021-02-022 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation - Cavite Bus
PO 021-02-023 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_Monumento Bus
PO 021-02-024 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_Marikina Bus
PO 021-02-025 RT-PCR SWAB Test (Natura)
PO 021-02-025
PO 021-02-026 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque - ASG Miranda
PO 021-02-027 Honda Cars Shaw_80KM Check-up of Honda DS1070 ASG Corro
PO 021-02-028 Auto Active Trading Corporation_Hino Bus SKL 802
PO 021-02-031 Arnaiz Electronics and Electrical Supply_Omni,Battery, Male Plug etc (1)
PO 021-03-032 Arnaiz Electronics & Electrical Supply
PO 021-03-033 RG Trophy Roneena Inc._Door Signage
PO 021-03-034 Tropical Disease (Montepino Building)
PO 021-03-035 Canirey Enterprises_Aircon
PO 021-03-036 Marco, Inc._Aircon
PO 021-03-037 Ever Engraving Inc. _Calling Car
PO 021-03-039 - NATURA MEDICAL
PO 021-03-039 Natura Medical (RT-PCR SWAB &AntiGen)
PO 021-04-040 Messaging Solutions Provider PMS, Inc._ 2units Pitney Bowes Machine
PO 021-04-041 MSPI_Daily Statement Reading and Report
PO 021-04-042 Stelsen Integrated System, Inc._Rapid Print
PO 021-04-043 Delsan Office Systems Corp_Onsite Technical
PO 021-04-044_Manuel Stationery(Doc File Box)
PO 021-04-047 Auto-Phil Marketing Corporation_Tires
PO 021-04-048 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque (SLG348)
PO 021-04-049 Atlas Promotion and Marketing Corporation
PO 021-05-050 Five S Glass and Acrylic Products (Acrylic Glass Installation)
PO 021-05-052 Persabe Merchandising_Surgical Facemask
PO 021-05-053 Work Habits Trading_GAD T-shirt
PO 021-05-054 Hamco Stationery Corporation_Common Use Office Supplies
PO 021-05-056 Innovation Printshoppe, Inc._Memo Pad with OSG print
PO 021-05-057 Solid Business Machines Center Inc_Roller Kit
PO 021-05-060 Auto-Phil Marketing Corporation_Battery for Hino Bus
PO 021-05-061 Rebmann Incorporated_Disinfectant Spray
PO 021-05-062 Work habits Trading_ Zonrox Disinfectant Solution
PO 021-05-063 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_130,000KM SJR 752 assigned to COA
PO 021-05-065Neonotion Events Management_Laptop Charger
PO 021-06-066 The Brain Computer Corporation_UPS
PO 021-06-067 Honda Cars Shaw_PMS 1.5k KM Honda Civic asssigned to SOLGEN
PO 021-06-068 ATLAS Resources & Management Group (APMC)
PO 021-06-069 ATLAS Resources & Management Group (APMC Building)
PO 021-06-070 Eastern Gold Corporation_CD Recordable with Case (1)
PO 021-06-070 Eastern Gold Corporation_CD Recordable with Case
PO 021-06-071Autoactive Trading Corporation_Tire
PO 021-06-072 Autophil Marketing Corporation_Tires for Toyota Innova SLG-348
PO 021-06-073 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_50KM PMS for SLG 422
PO 021-06-074 AutoActive Trading Corporation_Tires
PO 021-06-075 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_Pacita Route
PO 021-06-076 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_Pacita Route
PO 021-06-077 Fleetserv. Inc._Tires
PO 021-06-078 Innovation Printshoppe, Inc._Customized Index Card and Subsidiary Recor
PO 021-06-079 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_Fairview Route (1)
PO 021-06-080 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_ Hi-Ace CS A3T611 PMS 20k (1)
PO 021-06-081 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_SJR 761
PO 021-06-082 Asiatrends Import and Export Corp_Alcohol
PO 021-06-083 GLASDON SUPPLY INC_Great Glove Disposable
PO 021-06-084 Araiz Electronics and Electrical Supply_Electrical Supplies
PO 021-06-085 Columbia Technologies, Inc._KB and Mouse
PO 021-06-086 Arkland Interior Decor Enterprise_Combi Blinds DMS APMC
PO 021-06-087 Privatization and Management Office (PMO)_Parking Slots
PO 021-07-088 AJA Office and School Supplies_Common Use Office Supplies
PO 021-07-089 Ban Bee Commercial_Common Use Office Supplies
PO 021-07-090 Centurian International Corporation_OSG Customized Brown Envelope
PO 021-07-091 Autophil Marketing Corporation_Battery
PO 021-07-092 CCTV Pinoy, Co._CCTV
PO 021-07-093 RAD Innovations Inc._LIP Journal FY 2021
PO 021-07-094 Hamco Stationery Corporation_Common Use Office Supplies
PO 021-07-095 Manuel Stationery_Document File Box
PO 021-07-096 Innovation Printshoppe, Inc_Customized Logbook
PO 021-07-099 Auto-Phil Marketing Corporation_Car Battery
PO 021-07-100 Fleetserv Inc._Motolite Car Battery
PO 021-07-101 Manuel Stationery
PO 021-07-102 Fleetserve Inc._Car Battrey
PO 021-07-103 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_30,000KM for A7G253 assigned to ASD Miranda
PO 021-07-104 Termaxpro Pest Control Services_Pest Control
PO 021-07-105 NMS (Tekzone)
PO 021-07-106 RGSA Carpets and Interior Products Inc._Combi Blinds
PO 021-07-107 Zhujar MFG. Inc_LIP Jacket FY 2021
PO 021-07-108 Homeaid Depot Inc._Toilet Cover
PO 021-08-109 Labelmen Enterprises_Barcode Label or Sticker
PO 021-08-110 The Brain Computer Corporation_UPS
PO 021-08-111 Wilcon Depot Inc. (Water Closet for Bengzon Division) (1)
PO 021-08-112 Fleetserv Inc_Car Battery
PO 021-08-113 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_140,000KM SLG 348 Assigned to ASG Pascual
PO 021-08-114 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_PMS Monumentp Bus
PO 021-08-115 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_SAA 2851)Repair Aircon
PO 021-08-116 Centennial Auto Services Inc._IAR (1)
PO 021-08-117 Autophil Marketing Corporation_Car Battery
PO 021-08-118 Maxs Kitchen Inc_HRMD Food (1)
PO 021-08-118 Maxs Kitchen Inc_HRMD Foo
PO 021-08-119 Henry's Professional Photo Marketing Inc._Camera Battery
PO 021-09-120 ARIX COMMERCIAL_Various Stamps
PO 021-09-121 Front Brake Pad - Innova SJR 791_001_compresse
PO 021-09-123 Cool Mover Sales Phils._Repair of Aircon for Wilfley Div
PO 021-09-124 Columbia Technologies Inc_Flashdrive
PO 021-09-125 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_30KM PMS of ABP 1067
PO 021-09-126 St. Francis Square Department Store,Inc_LIP Supplies
PO 021-09-127 Cool Mover Sales_Cleaning of Aircon
PO 021-09-128 ALC Glass and Aluminum Trading
PO 021-09-129 Arrow Electrical Supply_Electrical Supplies
PO 021-09-130 ACCRA (Montepino Building)
PO 021-10-131 Delsan Office System Corp._Manage Printing
PO 021-10-132 Common-Used Office Supplies (Eastern Gold)
PO 021-10-133 Combi Blinds Feria Div (ARKLAND INTERIOR)
PO 021-10-134 Honda Cars Shaw_PMS 60KM DS 2547 Assigned to Dir E
PO 021-10-135 Fleetserv Inc._Car Battery
PO 021-10-136 Fleetserv Inc._Drivers Supplies P.O with Conforme
PO 021-10-139 Aperture Trading Corporation_ID Card &Ribbon
PO 021-10-140 Wilcon Depot, Inc._Kitchen Sink
PO 021-10-144 Asia Trends Import and Export Corporation_HM Infrared Thermo (1)
PO 021-10-145 Honda Car Shaw_PMS 80KM DS4460 assigned to ASG Puertollano
PO 021-10-146 Autoactive Trading Corp._SLG 330 Assigned to ASG Hernandez
PO 021-10-148 TM Luzon Airconditioning & Ref. Repair & Services
PO 021-10-149 Nagaland Development Corporation_Medical Protective Face Mask (1)
PO 021-10-154 National Printing Office_Official Receipt with RP Seal (1)
PO 021-11-159 VMWare2021 Advance Microsystems Cor
PO 021-11-160 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation_100,000KM of Marikina Bus
PO 021-11-162 Monteroma Corporation_Lease for 3rd Flr Montepino
PO 021-11-163 Monteroma Corporation_4th Floor Montepino Bldg
PO 021-11-165 DBNC Construction_Vinyl Tile Feria
PO 021-11-166 CFV ARAR Contractors Phils. Inc_Architectural Services
PO 021-11-172 Rex ADB Stores&Services Inc_Various Books
PO 021-11-173 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_Toyota Innova SLG348 PMS 160k
PO 021-11-174 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_Toyota Innova SJR-752 (BrakePads&Disc)
PO 021-11-177 El Palito General Merchandise_Fire Extingusher
PO 021-11-178 Central Book Supply Inc (SCRA &Various Books)
PO 021-11-179 Autoactive Trading Corp._Tires
PO 021-12-180 TJs Clear Art_Glass Plaque
PO 021-12-181 Advance Microsystems Corporation_VEEAM
PO 021-12-182 Monteroma Corporation_Unit 4B
PO 021-12-183 Jaja Trading_Customized Tumbler
PO 021-12-185 Marlin Realty Corporation_Lease of Montepino Building 3rd Flr
PO 021-12-189 MZR Builders_5HP Submersible Pum
PO 021-12-190 Interworld Enterprise Lot 1
PO 021-12-190 P1 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 1 Felix Angelo Bautista
PO 021-12-190 P2 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 1 Felix Angelo Bautista
PO 021-12-191 Interworld Enterprise Lot 2
PO 021-12-191 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 2 Makalintal Div
PO 021-12-192 Interworld Enterprise Lot 3
PO 021-12-192 P1 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 3 Arturo A. Alafriz Div
PO 021-12-192 P2 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 3 Arturo A. Alafriz Div
PO 021-12-193 Interworld Enterprise Lot 4
PO 021-12-193 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 4 Planning Div
PO 021-12-194 Interworld Enterprise Lot 1 Wilfley Division
PO 021-12-194 P1 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 1 Wilfley Div
PO 021-12-194 P2 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 1 Wilfley Div
PO 021-12-194 P3 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 1 Wilfley Div
PO 021-12-195 Interworld Enterprise Lot 2 Wilfley Division
PO 021-12-195 P1 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 2 Wilfley Div
PO 021-12-195 P2 Interworld Enterprises_ LOT 2 Wilfley Div
PO 021-12-196 MARCO (Aircon)
PO 021-12-196 MARCO_Procurement of 14 Airconditioning Units p1
PO 021-12-196 MARCO_Procurement of 14 Airconditioning Units p2
PO 021-12-197 Innovalite Inc_Acoustic Ceiling Boar
PO 021-12-198 Innovalite Inc_Luminaire Lighting Fixtures
PO 021-12-200 Advance Microsystem Corporation_650VA UPS
PO 021-12-201 Abenson Ventures Inc._Refrigerator
PO 021-12-205 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_PMS 25k Toyota Altis A6K390 assigned to Admin
PO 021-12-208 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_ 230 PMS PIV 919assigned to Admin
PO 021-12-209 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_Toyota Innova SJR-791 PMS 130k
PO 021-12-210 Hino Motors (Wiper Arm &Blades &Etc)
PO 021-12-211 Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (PMS 120k)
PO 021-12-212 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_Innova SJR-761 PMS 80k
PO 021-12-213 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_Toyota Innova SJR-781_PMS 100k
PO 021-12-215 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_Toyota Altis ABP1019 PMS 20k
PO 021-12-217 Toyota Bicutan Paranaque_Toyota Innova SJR763 PMS 95k
PO 021-12-223 Tronix Master Inc_LG LED TV75 Repair
PO 021-12-224 FleetServ Inc_Various Car Battery
PO 021-12-225 Arnaiz Electronics_Electrical Supplies
PO 021-12-226 YATAI International (Electrical Supplies) (1)
PO 021-12-227 Reliable Electric_Electrical Supplies
PO 021-12-228 Arnaiz Electronics_Moulding (Double Sided) Tape
PO 021-12-234 JERLU Enterprises_Drivers Cleaning Supplies
PO 021-12-235 CCTVPinoy Co (ReCabling CCTV)
PO 021-12-239 Honda Cars Shaw_PMS 60KM of DS3319 Assigned to ASG Ocampo
PO 021-12-242 Valley South Motor Works_Repainting of SLG 570
PO 021-12-244 Stelsen Integrated System (Rapid Print Machine)
PO Copier (OTUS) Signe
PO Janitorial (DearJohn) Signe
PO Security (Hackett) Signe
PO Toner (Delsan) Signe
PO-021-12-197 AcousticBoard - Innovalite Inc
PO-021-12-198 Luminaire - Innovalite Inc
PO021-11-170 Lot1 SSD (Lenovo) Advance Microsystems
PO021-11-171 Lot2 SSD (MacBook) Advance Microsystems