1. Why is it important to register a marriage done outside of the Philippines?

A marriage where one or both of the contracting parties is a Filipino citizen must be reported to the Consulate in order for the said marriage to be properly registered and recorded with the Office of the Civil Registrar General in Manila.

(source: http://www.philippineconsulatela.org/consular%20services/conserv-registry.htm)


2. Who can register the marriage?

There is no general rule on who may register marriages that were held outside the Philippines. However, usually, the reporting may be done through the following methods:

(a)By personal appearance at the Consulate of the reporting spouse. The signature of the non-appearing spouse must be duly notarized in the application form; or

(b)By mail or courier service. The application must still be duly signed by both spouses and also notarized.

(source: http://newyorkpcg.org/index.php/our-services/legal-and-notarial/report-of-marriage)


3.What marriages can be recognized in the Philippines?

According to the Family Code of the Philippines, only marriages between a male and a female will be considered valid and recognized in the Philippines, subject to law, public order, public policy, morals, and good customs.


4.What are the requirements for registering a marriage done outside of the Philippines?

Four (4) original duly accomplished Report of Marriage Contracted Abroad form signed by husband and the wife.

A. Four (4) identical colored photographs of the husband and the wife, 1.77 in x 1.37 in, plain white background, taken within six months before the date of application, (Blurred or low quality photos are not accepted).

B. One (1) original or certified true copy and four (4) photocopies of the Marriage Certificate or Contract Extended Form (Original will be returned).

C. One (1) original or certified true copy and four (4) photocopies of the Birth Certificate of the husband and the wife. The Consular Officer reserves the right to require additional proof or documents from an applicant, to prove his/her citizenship or identity pursuant to the Philippine Passport Law (R.A. 8239) and the Foreign Service Act (R.A. 7157).

D. Report of Marriage Processing Fee: US$25.00 (non-refundable, payable only in cash when personally applying, or Postal money order or cashiers' check payable to the Philippine Consulate General, when applying by mail or courier; personal check and personal money order are not accepted).

Additional Requirements:

A.    If either spouse was previously married and divorced, or previously married and marriage was subsequently annulled:

One (1) original or certified true copy and four (4) photocopies of the Judicial Decree of Divorce or Annulment.

 B.    If either spouse is a widow/widower:

One (1) original or certified true copy and four (4) photocopies of Death Certificate of deceased spouse (Original supporting documents are returned).


5.What is the procedure for registering in the Philippines a marriage done abroad?

A. Go to the Philippine Embassy of the country where you are in. Register your marriage at the embassy or the consulate in the region where your wedding ceremony took place. Visit the Philippine Embassy's website or contact the nearest consulate for information regarding registering your marriage.

B. Pick up or download four Report of Marriage Contracted Abroad Forms from the Philippine Embassy, its website or a consulate. Submit the four forms signed by both spouses and four photographs of each spouse. Take the photographs you plan to submit within six months of the date of the application. Supply one original and four copies of the marriage certificate and pay the application fee.

C. Submit one original and four copies of a death certificate or divorce or annulment decrees, if you or your spouse is a Philippine citizen who was previously divorced or widowed. File these documents along with the Report of Marriage Contracted Abroad Forms. Mail the documents with a self-addressed stamped envelope if the application is submitted via mail, and all your original documents will be returned to you by the Embassy or Consulate.

Note: Divorce decrees between Filipinos are not recognized under Philippine laws even if the marriage was celebrated abroad.

6.When should I file the application for registration?

According to the National Statistics Office, the period of submission of the Certificate of Marriage in ordinary marriages is within fifteen (15) days following the date of marriage solemnization. Meanwhile, Article 30 of the Family Code prescribes a thirty (30) day period for registration in marriages that are exempt from the license requirement.

     7.Are there fees to be paid?

Yes but it would depend on the country where you are registering.

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