Hon. Ramon Avanceña
Attorney General
1914 - 1917




Born in Molo, Iloilo on 13 April 1872 to Lucas Avanceña and Petra Quiosay, Ramon Avanceña started his schooling at the Jaro College in Iloilo. After finishing his secondary education at the said institution, he studied at San Juan de Letran where he obtained the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He entered the University of Santo Tomas in 1891, and a year after, was granted the title of surveyor. In 1898, he graduated from the same university with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. (Lim, Rodrigo: “Who’s who in the Philippines; p. 33-34, 1929.)

During the Revolution he was part of a committee in charge of driving the Spaniards out of Panay, then served in the Council of Federal States for the Visayas under the First Philippine Republic. He opened a law office in Iloilo and founded a school in Molo. (Quirino, Carlos; “Who’s Who in Philippine History”; p. 39-40, 1995.) After the Americans established a civil government, he was appointed Auxiliary Attorney General in 1902. In 1905, he was designated judge at large; judge of the 13th district in 1906; and the judge of the 12th district comprising the provinces of Samar and Leyte in 1910. (Lim, Rodrigo: “Who’s who in the Philippines; p. 33-34, 1929.)In 1914, he was appointed Attorney General,and three years later he was appointed an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. He succeeded Chief Justice Araullo upon the latter’s death in 1926.

He was married to Proserpina Abad with whom he had five children. He retired from public service in 1941 and died on June 12, 1957.


Office of the Solicitor General