Jose Anselmo I. Cadiz
Solicitor General
September 2010 - February 2012







Jose Anselmo I. Cadiz, or Joel to his colleagues, is the 45th Solicitor General of the Republic. In his twenty-two years as a lawyer, Solicitor General Joel Cadiz has made numerous important contributions to the legal profession and earned himself the high esteem of his peers.


Aside from his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the Philippines, Solicitor General Cadiz also possesses a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. In 2009, he was named Edward S. Mason Fellow.

As a legal advocate and National President of the Integrated Bar of the Philip­pines (IBP), Solicitor General Joel Cadiz filed, argued, and won significant cases in the Supreme Court. These include cases on the constitutionality of former Presi­dent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Proclamation 1017 on the declaration of a state of emergency, the issuance of Executive Order 464 on the abuse of executive privilege, and the establishment of a People’s Initiative to amend the Constitution. Under his leadership, the IBP prosecuted Lance Corporal Daniel Smith, an American marine accused of raping a Filipina at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. This team success­fully obtained an indictment against the said accused. As the longest serving IBP National President, Solicitor General Cadiz worked to free nearly 500 detainees, strengthened the National Committee on Legal Aid, and launched a program to help overstaying prisoners from 21 provincial and city jails all over the country attain their freedom.

Indeed, Solicitor General Joel Cadiz brings to the Office of the Solicitor General his undaunted passion for public service and the pursuit of justice. A man of princi­ple and integrity, his commitment to the Office’s foremost duty to champion the rule of law inspires every lawyer in this Office to tirelessly continue serving this institution with the same passion and fervor. Solicitor General Joel Cadiz emphasizes on the things that matter: doing what is right and following the rule of law, to the end that, ultimately, the government can faithfully fulfill its mandate to give justice to every citizen.

Together with his wife Romela Alma, Solicitor General Joel Cadiz is blessed with three lovely children.

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